Kings View Chambers secure no case to answer for doctor accused of dishonesty in relation to NHS prescriptions.

In this case, GMC Case Examiners were persuaded to take no further action in a dishonesty allegation in relation to use of NHS prescriptions for the doctor himself.

GMC defence barrister, Catherine Stock, commenting on this case, said:

“This case highlights the importance of seeking legal advice early and at a time before any substantive response is made to the GMC which often results in more harm than good when the doctor responds to the GMC alone.


“This case further highlights the significance of accepting wrongdoing and being able to demonstrate in-depth insight and undertaking timely steps to remediate. If we and the doctor get this right even in serious cases, the case examiners can be persuaded to take no further action and a referral to a Fitness to Practise Tribunal is not inevitable.”

The doctor, MA, said:

“It gives me great pleasure and in fact no words to express my gratitude to Catherine Stock and Stephen when I hired them to sort my problem. Catherine, particularly, was ruthless and straight forward in telling me that I should expect the worst case scenario from GMC.


“She never gave me any hope. That is when I knew I was in good hands. She was blunt in everything, cost, outcome what I should expect etc. Then when I prepared my response, she kept returning it back asking me to better my response.


“I was in a state of shock when GMC closed my case with advice only. The whole workplace was wondering what’s happened to me as I was jumping around in joy and relief.


“Look no further, trust me.  If anyone is in trouble with regulatory law, contact KVC immediately. They are expensive, but will let you know in advance.”

Disclaimer: This article is for guidance purposes only. Kings View Chambers accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any action taken, or not taken, in relation to this article. You should seek the appropriate legal advice having regard to your own particular circumstances.

Stephen McCaffrey

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