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> Our mission is to provide high quality specialist services for doctors from barristers who understand the complexities of the situations doctors face
> We advise and represent doctors facing GMC proceedings from the outset often challenging whether there is a case to answer
> We offer representation at interim orders hearings through to substantive hearings and can appeal the decision of the GMC to the High Court

GMC Fitness To Practise Investigations: 15 Things you can do today to protect your Medical Licence and Registration

GMC Defence Barristers

GMC Defence Barristers

We understand the complexities of the career doctor.

Specialist Barristers

Specialist barrister who understand your case.


We advise in the early stages of an investigation or referral to the GMC.

Working for Doctors

Advising at a variety of levels from medical students to consultants.

Fearless Advocacy

Meticulous case preparation and excellent client care.

Specialist Barristers

We provide an excellent service for doctors of all levels working within the NHS and private practice.
GMC Defence Barristers

About GMC Defence Barristers

Working as a career doctor is filled with complex legal issues. As a doctor legal responsibilities are extensive and sometimes present real dilemmas. In our experience, many doctors face legal questions and even malpractice allegations during the course or their careers and this is where we can assist. Our UK based GMC defence barristers have worked extensively in the healthcare field in areas ranging from the issues faced by medical students right through the legal challenges faced at consultant level. Our barristers have acted on behalf of doctors facing concerns raised about their practise because of health, poor practice or misconduct.

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I approached Ms Stock of Kings View Chambers, following an unsuccessful attempt at securing my medical license at the MPTS hearing and after a disappointing performance assessment test.

Ms Stock’s office scheduled an appointment with me, accommodating me and the unique difficulties. She listened attentively to my case and then explained that she would work closely with me to achieve the best result possible.

Though I was seeking a firm that would guarantee success, she truthfully and openly explained in simple terms the work that needed to be done to give us the best possible chance of success.

Testimonial for MPTS hearing

About our GMC Barristers

What we do

Our GMC defence barristers take on the full range of legal issues facing doctors in the UK. Our work in registration and licensing covers areas such as getting registered, registration issues and issues surrounding your license to practise. Our barristers also advise with revalidation, giving advice to doctors with or without a designated body. Fitness to practise legal issues are covered, ranging from the investigation process, warnings, interim orders, health and competence, through to misconduct, substantive hearings, sanctions and mitigation and appeals.

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Direct Access GMC Barristers

Public Access GMC Defence Barristers

We can provide dedicated specialist barristers to work on your case from preparation stages at the outset right through to representation at GMC hearings. Our barristers provide thorough case preparation and superb client care, keeping you informed at each stage of the legal process. We are fearless advocates and fight for our clients.

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Doctor Avoids GMC Erasure

Doctor Avoids GMC Erasure

The doctor approached us very close to the original FtP listing in a matter which was, at that stage, almost inevitably going to lead to erasure by the MPTS.

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GMC Appeals Explained

GMC Appeals Explained

Doctors can appeal GMC decisions relating to registration, licensing, restoration and revalidation, but legal advice is key to good outcomes.

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GMC Fitness To Practise Investigations

15 Things you can do today to protect your Medical Licence and Registration